Komodo is introducing a brand-new way to adopt blockchain: Fluidity framework.
Blockchain adoption has stalled because there’s never been a good way to adopt the technology— until now.

Komodo provides open source technology for anyone to customize and launch their own autonomous, purpose-built Smart Chain with the new Fluidity framework.

The blockchain industry must evolve and Komodo is leading the charge.

Single-chain Architectures
  • Network congestion
  • High fees
  • Lack of scalability
The Solution
Multi-Chain Architecture
Lack of Autonomy
  • Vendor lock-in
  • Reliance on the platform
  • No control over development
The Solution
Antara Smart Chains
Basic Smart Contracts
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Limited functionality
  • Gas fees
The Solution
Antara Modules
Rigid Blockchain Solutions
  • Limited flexibility
  • Development is difficult and lengthy
  • Solutions are not agile or adaptable
The Solution
Antara Integration Layer
Komodo is introducing

Antara: an adaptable framework for end-to-end blockchain development.

Antara is a blockchain framework built with Komodo’s technology. Using the Antara framework, you can build a customized, autonomous, and modular Smart Chain. After that, you can add custom consensus modules to design purpose-built, high-performing blockchain applications.
Antara Smart Chains
  • Fully customizable
  • Completely autonomous
  • Smart Chains have independent networks, consensus rules, and coins
  • Transaction fees are always paid in your Smart Chain’s coin
Antara Modules
  • Choose from a library of built-in modules
  • Code custom modules to add new functionality
  • Pay just one transaction fee per use of one module
  • Turing complete and secure
Antara Integration Layer
  • Open API
  • Code games and dApps with RPC calls alone
  • Applications run natively on your Smart Chain
  • Leverage white label products to accelerate your go to market

An Expanding Library Of Built-In Modules

The Antara Module library is already full of powerful, performance-enhancing modules. It’s also in a state of rapid growth, with new modules being added regularly.
Tokenization Platform
Create tokens on your Smart Chain, with 1 coin generating 100 Million tokens. Non-fungible tokens are also available.
The Oracles module is an aggregated-data oracle solution that brings real-world data onto your Smart Chain.
Token DEX Solution
This module allow users to facilitate, manage, and trade tokenized representations of foreign blockchain assets.
This module provides a stablecoin solution that can be pegged to any currency and backed by crypto assets.
Trustless Price Feeds
This module enables any price feed data to be brought on-chain in a trustless, decentralized manner.
Funds Recovery Solution
This module allows you to designate a backup address to which funds will be moved in case of lost private keys.
Rewards Programs
The Rewards module enables a masternode-like rewards program, giving users the ability to earn rewards by locking coins.
Quantum Security
This module adds the Dilithium digital signature scheme to your blockchain, making all transactions quantum secure.
Instant Micropayments
This module facilitates instant payments, including micropayments, in a trustless environment by creating dedicated payment channels.
A new type of multi-signature functionality, keeping the number of signers partaking in a multi-signature transaction private.
A crypto faucet with built-in spam prevention measures to help users draw a very small amount of funds.
More In Development
The Komodo Dev Team is currently focused on adding new modules to the ecosystem. Many more modules are coming soon.

Antara Smart Chains are the optimal way to adopt blockchain technology.

Antara Smart Chains are customizable, autonomous, purpose-built blockchains. They’re Turing complete and fully programmable, so they can natively support any game, app, or software.
Choose settings for 24 different parameters to fully customize your Smart Chain
Your Smart Chain has its own decentralized network, consensus rules, and currency.
Use plug-and-play Antara modules and an open API to build any blockchain solutions you need.
Don’t change your business to fit a specific blockchain. Craft a specific blockchain to fit your business.

Komodo is the world's 
most advanced multi-chain platform

After years of innovation and development, Komodo has built a multi-chain architecture that overcomes all of the challenges facing other blockchain platforms.
Secure your project with the power of the Bitcoin network via Komodo’s delayed proof of work security mechanism. Don’t waste time worrying about attackers.
If your project grows beyond the capacity of a single chain, simply add more. Komodo’s Multi-Chain Syncing feature allows you to scale out linearly on demand.
Your project is interoperable with all others in the Komodo ecosystem, plus connected with over 99% of coins and tokens through Komodo’s industry-leading atomic swap technology.
Adapt your blockchain to create a purpose-built solution that fits your individual needs. Receive all new features developed by Komodo to ensure your project is future-proofed.

Antara Modules are plugins that offer your Smart Chain endless possibilities.

The Antara framework supports C/C++, meaning that it allows for Turing-complete code. With Antara, any program or software can be coded to run on your blockchain.
No Gas Fees
There are no gas fees with Antara. Regardless of how many processes a Antara module requires, it will only need a single transaction fee, paid in your blockchain’s coin, to run.
Antara Module Library
The Antara framework already hosts a library of plug-and-play modules. Each module can add special conditions that must be met in order for your Smart Chain’s network to reach consensus.
Create Your Own Modules
Experienced developers can write custom modules, creating the building blocks and RPC calls they need to build more advanced blockchain-based games, dApps, and software.

Komodo lowers the barrier to blockchain with an application layer.

Open API
Apps connect to your Smart Chain through Antara's open API.
Easy To Develop
Ordinary developers can now utilize blockchain technology.
White Label Products

Go-To-Market faster with Komodo’s white label applications

  • Multi-Asset Wallet For Desktop & Mobile
  • Atomic Swap Decentralized Exchange
  • Decentralized Crowdfunding App
  • Custom Block Explorers
  • SPV Electrum Server Integration
  • Core Antara Modules

We the asset holders hereby declare our independence from any single blockchain.

An open and jointly developed specification on cross chain atomic asset transfers will be developed. Any current or future blockchain is invited to join.

James ‘jl777’ Lee Febuary 21, 2016

Join The Evolution

Komodo has been driving the evolution of blockchain technology since 2014.

For five years, Komodo team members have been technology pioneers and industry influencers.

Year 2014

James ‘jl777’ Lee builds a proxy token gateway on the NXT platform that lets users trade NXT to BTC and other popular cryptocurrencies without trusted third parties.

Year 2015

The NXT platform makes a series of major codebase upgrades that are not backward compatible. As a result, all of jl777’s backend code is no longer working.

February 2016

Understanding the flaws of a single-chain platform architecture, jl777 issues his Blockchain Declaration of Independence and founds the Komodo Platform.

October 2016

The Komodo ICO begins, raising funds to make Komodo’s remarkable multi-chain vision a reality. Komodo’s ICO lasts 35 days and brings in a total of 2,639 BTC.

January 2017

The Komodo mainnet is launched, delivering on what was promised: Bitcoin-level security, zero-knowledge privacy, and independent blockchain creation.

March 2017

Komodo releases the first iteration of its atomic swap powered DEX, allowing rudimentary peer-to-peer swaps among BTC-protocol coins from a CLI.

October 2017

The Komodo team integrates Electrum SPV server support for atomic swaps, making it possible to do atomic swaps without downloading full blockchains.

February 2018

Komodo bridges the gap between BTC-based coins and ERC-20 tokens, allowing direct atomic swaps between 95% of all coins and tokens.

August 2018

Komodo implements the Custom Consensus framework, allowing Turing-complete code to modify a blockchain’s consensus rules on a case-by-case basis.

November 2018

Komodo releases Agama wallet on mobile for both Android and iOS and integrates ETH and over 100 ERC-20 tokens to the desktop version of Agama.

December 2018

Komodo successfully activated the largest-ever update to the Komodo code base, providing a huge technology boost to the entire ecosystem.

March 2019

Komodo continues to build out the Custom Consensus module library, adding cutting-edge features like Dilithium quantum security and decentralized trustless oracles.

In Internal Testing

Antara Blockchain Development Kit

Komodo is launching the Antara Blockchain Development Kit on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. The Antara BDK is a web application that will allow anyone to customize and launch a Smart Chain, complete with seed nodes and mining nodes, in less than 1 minute.
In Internal Testing

An Atomic Swap DEX & Multi-Coin Wallet Hybrid

This summer, Komodo is launching its third-generation decentralized exchange. Powered by Komodo’s bleeding edge atomic swap technology, the new DEX will allow fully peer-to-peer swaps of over 99% of all coins and tokens in existence without any middlemen or third parties.

A Brand New Komodo Is Coming Soon

We believe in a future where thousands of sovereign, composable blockchains are working together transforming all aspects of business and technology. Let's build it together!
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